Water and wellbeing

The wellbeing of balance

Our waters are all select mineral waters. To be considered a select mineral water, there it must have a fixed residue value of below 500 mg per litre. This fixed residue is an estimate of the mineral salt content.

These micro-nutrients are fundamental to our organisms, but quantities either in excess or below our daily needs can cause serious imbalances. Water is an invaluable contributor to physical wellbeing, enabling the body to maintain its balance, thanks to the substances found in the water. A perfect nutrient that springs from nature! Goccia Blu, San Cassiano, Frasassi, Gaia and Fonte Elisa are all ideal for daily consumption. Brought directly from the springs to Italian tables, their pure taste is both pleasant and balanced.

Being healthy and beautiful is as easy
as drinking a glass of water...

Health and beauty through water. Drinking water helps to: - hydrate our bodies - Purify the organism and eliminate toxins and waste - Combat water retention - Better absorb the nutrients found in our food - Lubricate our joints

But how much water does our organism need each day? Recent studies have confirmed that, on the average, we require a quantity of water ranging from 1.5 to 2 litres a day, or roughly eight glasses. And yet it still seems that around 90% of us do not consume enough water daily, underestimating the importance of this precious substance. Other recent research has demonstrated how correct water consumption favours the concentration and assimilation of information. The more water we drink, the more energy and vitality we have for the mind.

Toast to your wellness with our water!

Light, unspoilt, with a perfect balance of minerals and trace elements.